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16th C. War Hammer
16th century war hammer with bronze head. The steel spike at the top is missing, looks to have been broken off. In fair condition. Total length is 23".

$ 2500 [USD]

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19th C. Turkish Sword
A 19th century Turkish sword with brass lion hand guard, the blade looks to be somewhat Damascus steel style. Overall length 32".

$ 460 [USD]

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16th C. Horseman's Axe
Decorative unique horseman's axe. Late 16th century, all steel construction and in overall good condition. Total length is 24".

$ 6800 [USD]

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Decorative Victorian Sword
Here is a very nice decorative Victorian sword which has a brass crossguard and pommel mounted on a long etched steel blade. It has a carved wood handle and in overall good condition. total length is 48.5 inches and blade length of 38 inches.

$ 2400 [USD]

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16th C. Boar Sword
Here is a rare 16th cent. hunting boar sword in overall good condition considering it's age. It has makers marks on the recasso. The overall length is 51 inches and the blade length is 42 inches.

$ 4800 [USD]

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Toledo Long Sword
Decorative long sword made in Toledo Spain early 20th century. It has a long etched blade with recasso lugs extended. Red velvet covered wood handle with a heavy steel pommel. overall length is 55 inches, blade length is 43 inches.

$ 1600 [USD]

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Unique Victorian Sword
Victorian copy of an unusual sword with a unique hand guard and index finger notch on the recasso of the blade. It also has an etched design on both sides of the blade, and heavy steel pommel giving it a nice balanced feel. Overall length is 41 inches, blade length is 33 inches.

$ 2400 [USD]

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