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19th century copy of a Maximillian Breastplate
This is a 19th century copy of a Maximillian style breastplate with fauld. It makes for a nice wall display or to supplement a suit of armour in need of a breastplate to complete it. it is in fair condition.

$2600 [USD]

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1490 Gothic Gauntlets
Here is a very rare find, it is remnants of a gothic suit of armor. It is a pair of gauntlets dating to about 1490. They are in excavated condition but cleaned and polished to show details. The gauntlets are a set but one is missing the cuff and fingers and the other is missing the thumb and fingers. On the cuff of one and the thumb of the other, there looks to be an armorers mark. These pieces are very hard to come by even though they are incomplete.

Gauntlets $ 14,000 [USD]

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Victorian Horse Chanfron
A Victorian Gothic style horse chanfron, which was purchased at the Higgins armory auction in 2013. it is in over all very good condition.

$ 4800 [USD]

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Victorian Turkish Horse Chanfron
This is a heavily decorated Turkish Chanfron dated to around 19th century. It has decorative chisel work and brass edging, overall nice condition.

$ 3600 [USD]

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16th C. Horseman's Axe
A 16th century cod piece made of one piece steel, it has some holes from years of corrosion. It was excavated in France with a metal detector.

$ 600 [USD]

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18th C. Door Lock
18th century door lock 6 inches high by 6 inches wide, looks in working condition and needs a large skeleton key.

$ 180 [USD]

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