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Cast Iron reproduction Casque
This is a very detailed cast iron reproduction Casque, Parade style burgonet made in the 1900s. It is a copy of an original one made by the Negroli family in the 16th century. Great condition.

$1250 [USD]

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18th C. Turkish Ottoman Helmet
This is an 18th century Turkish Ottoman Helmet. It is engraved with designs on the helmet top and cheek plates. It also has a riveted chainmail camail attached to the back side of the Helmet. Good condition.

$2800 [USD]

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16th C Portuguese Morion
Here is a rare 16th century Portuguese Morion which is in fairly good condition showing some delamination in some spots but it still retains it's plume holder made of brass. There is also a makers mark on the back side of the brim. overall good condition.

$3200 [USD]

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16th C. Italian Combed Morion
This is a great example of a classic 16th century Italian combed morion. It has some small holes and slight delamination but overall good condition, This one was from Venice and could have been used for some kind of Papal guard.

$4000 [USD]

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19th century copy of a Maximillian Breastplate
This is a 19th century copy of a Maximillian style breastplate with fauld. It makes for a nice wall display or to supplement a suit of armour in need of a breastplate to complete it. it is in fair condition.

$2600 [USD]

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1550 Horse Chanfron
This is a very nicely shaped Chanfron for a horse, dating to around mid 16th cent. around 1550? This was a family heirloom passed down for generations but sold at an estate sale 5 years ago. It is from Portugal and has the old portugese coat of arms etched on a shield shaped escusion plate. It is in rough to average shape having some holes and delamination on it. It has 2 makers marks on it one near the right ear and the other on the lower nasal area.

$7400 [USD]

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1490 Gothic Bevor and Gauntlets
Here is a very rare find, it is remnants of a gothic suit of armor. It is a set of an incomplete bevor and a pair of gauntlets dating to about 1490. They are in excavated condition but cleaned and polished to show details. The bevor is missing the bottom plate but still has a working spring retaining peg for the upper part of the bevor. The gauntlets are a set but one is missing the cuff and fingers and the other is missing the thumb and fingers. On the cuff of one and the thumb of the other, there looks to be an armorers mark. These pieces are very hard to come by even though they are incomplete.
This set can be sold together or the bevor can be sold separately.

Gauntlets $ 14,000 and Bevor $ 2000 [USD]

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Late 16th C. Gauntlets
This is a very nice set of gauntlets dating to late 16th century. They look German in style and have all the parts intact. They have brass capped steel rivets and attached leather for attaching the gloves. There doesn't seem to be any makers marks, and they are in overall good condition.

$ 6500 [USD]

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