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Left cheek plate
Left cheek plate used for an Armet or Burgonet. age unknown

$200 [USD]

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17th c. Bridal Gauntlet
A early 17th century German bridal Gauntlet dated to 1620
This left handed gauntlet is in quite good condition and a fine example of 17th century armouring. It is more refined than the English munitions version at the time and has brass capped rivets and a small remaining buckle at the wrist. It is missing the thumb piece and the original fingers are delicately hanging on.

$3,000 [USD]

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Islamic Bazubands
Islamic Bazubands. Antique, possibly 19th century, arm guards made of steel, has decorative floral motif engraved in the steel. Length 12".

$650 [USD]

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16th c. Left Tasset
Left Tasset from a 16th century German suit of armour, it looks as though it was repaired or rebuild at some time in the last 400 years. It has brass capped rivets and manufacture marks on the inside.

$ 800 [USD]

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16th century German Gorget
This is a 16th cent. German Almain Collar with 3 lames front and rear, This gorget has integral spaulders of 5 lames. This piece of articulated armour is in good condition

$ 6000 [USD]

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Cast Iron reproduction Casque
This is a very detailed cast iron reproduction Casque, Parade style burgonet made in the 1900s. It is a copy of an original one made by the Negroli family in the 16th century. Great condition.

$850 [USD]

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