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17th century Polish winged hussars Helmet
This antique lobster-tailed pot helm (also called a Dutch pot helm) has a rounded skull-piece, which is fluted with 6 vertical ridges is often formed from one piece. This helmet features articulating cheek pieces attached to the helm with leather strapping, and articulating lobster tail style neck guard also with leather strapping. This has a fixed forward brow peak that incorporates a decoratively shaped sliding nasal bar, retained by a winged screw. Also features elaborate wing-like crests of pierced metal with fluting.

$ 2400 [USD]

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Tri-comb Burgonet steel replica
This is a reproduction of a Burgonet style helmet that dates to 1540 to 1550. This helmet has three raised and engrailed combs. These were usually worn by the guards attached to a noble German or Austrian house. The forging of a helmet bowl with three tall combs was designed to give the helmet additional strength and required considerable skill. There are similar styles made by Italian armorers as well because these helmets became fashionable.

$ 1200 [USD] ****SOLD****

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Great Bascinet
This is an Italian 15th Century Great Bascinet with moveable visor, museum replica from a Venetian Museum 16 gauge, made for a private collection.

$ 1600.00 [USD]

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Venetian Great Bascinet moveable visor.
This is a 15th Century Great Bascinet with moveable visor, museum replica, made for a private collection.

$ 1600.00 [USD]

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Savoyard style Close Helm replica
This unusual close helmet is often referred to as a Savoyard style helmet from Germany. The term Savoyard helmet was for the elite cavalry units formed by Charles Emanuel I, Duke of Savoy (1580-1630). This early 17th century style replica is made from 2 halves and joined together by a roped comb. This helmet features a pivoted upper visor with two pronounced eye piece covers. The bevor and ventail parts are attached to the same pivot as the visor, The neck and gorget are affixed to the lower part of the helmet.

$ 1200 [USD]

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Steel Highly articulating gauntlets
This pair of gauntlets is 18 gauge mild steel, and they are sized small to medium.

$ 400 [USD]

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Pikemans Morion C 1650
This English Civil War era Pikemans Morion has a nice aged patina, with a plume holder at the back. Also has leather strapping with cheek guards attached. Front to back measures approx. 15.5", and approx. 9.5" tall, weighs approx. 4.5 lbs.

$ 1200 [USD]

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17th c. Bridal Gauntlet
A early 17th century German bridal Gauntlet dated to 1620
This left handed gauntlet is in quite good condition and a fine example of 17th century armouring. It is more refined than the English munitions version at the time and has brass capped rivets and a small remaining buckle at the wrist. It is missing the thumb piece and the original fingers are delicately hanging on.

$2200 on sale now from $3,000 [USD]

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16th C Falconer's Gauntlet
This 16th century Falconer's gauntlet is in very good condition. This was used for training young Falcons. It still has original leather and buckles attached. The wooden dowel, attached, would be for string. This a very rare and unique piece.

$1200 [USD]

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Reproduction Black Prince Helm
This reproduction of Edward, the Black Prince Funeral Helm is in great condition. This great helm is very accurately replicated, including the fleur de lys holes on the front side. It measures approx. 11" across the bottom front to back, is approx. 15" tall, and weighs approx. 7.5 lbs.

$800 [USD]

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16th c. Left Tasset
Left Tasset from a 16th century German suit of armour, it looks as though it was repaired or rebuild at some time in the last 400 years. It has brass capped rivets and manufacture marks on the inside.

$ 800 [USD]

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18th C. Door Lock
18th century door lock 6 inches high by 6 inches wide, looks in working condition and needs a large skeleton key.

$ 180 [USD]

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19th C. Reproduction Samurai Helm
This is a 19th century reproduction Samurai Helmet that comes with a rare Asian head form.

$ 1600.00 [USD]

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